Strip-tilling is the backbone of our tillage and nutrient placement practices

- A Ford Versatile 946 is used to pull the home built 12 row strip-till machine capable of variable rating dry fertilizer and NH3 application.  The tractor is fitted with a Trimble Autopilot system running on RTK so that new strips can be made directly in between the previous years corn rows.

-In 2008, Dad began work on a home made strip-till machine.  A year and a half later we were running his  design with very good results.  Strips are made on 30" centers and all dry fertilizer is injected 4-8" deep.  

Spring strips made into standing
 corn stalks in wetter than ideal

Spring strips made into standing 
corn stalks under more ideal 

Fertilizer cart mounted behind 
the strip-till bar used to carry 
dry fertilizer that will be injected
below the newly made strips.

The back side of the strip-till 
machine as it passes by.  

Spring loaded leading culters 
followed by closing wheels 
with constant down pressure.

Infinitely variable closing wheels 

Custom made mole knife which 
originated from a chisel plow tip

The tractor used to pull the strip-till machine is a Ford Versatile 946.  The tractor is equipped with a Trimble Autopilot system running on RTK