2010 update

- On April 16th, spring strip-tilling took off slowly as the addition of new precision ag technology presented a learning curve to overcome.  Once configured and calibrated correctly, spring was officially under way.

- Corn planting began on April 21st and ended on May 4th.  At times the planter ran around the clock to stay ahead of rainy weather. 

-We removed the inside duals on the T7040 to minimize crop damage when turning on the end rows when spraying.  On May 26th, we were able to begin spraying the earliest planted fields of corn.  After a long spell of cold wet weather, we were finally able to finish the first pass up this morning on the 20th of May. 

-With the warm weather we've had, the corn is really taking off.  The duals were removed from the MX255 to minimize crop damage when turning on the end rows while side dressing.  After some upgrades and equipment tweaking, we started side dressing NH3 on May 26th to make sure we could keep ahead of the corns sudden growth spurt. 

-Row clutches were added on the planter this spring to reduce planter overlap in heavy point row environments just like the one seen here.