The MX255 is used to pull the Kinze 3650 bulk fill planter.  The tractor is outfitted with a Trimble Autopilot system which runs on RTK.  This system is used to ensure that the planter is always following the nutrient rich band created with the strip-till machine.  The planter has after market Rawson drives installed in order to vary planting rates across different soil types.  All fields are planted based on prescriptions that we have written to maximize yields and minimize risk.

Planting on strips made into 
soybean residue.

Looking out the front window as 
the tractor is guided in between 
the mellow strips about to be 
planted into.

Ag Leader Sure Stop clutches 
were installed to minimize 
overlap in areas of fields 
with point rows.

Technology shot of Variable 
rate planting prescriptions, 
Rawson hydraulic drive, 
Trimble Autopilot, 
individual row clutch control, 
and planter monitor in action.  

Planting corn into strips made in between 
the previous years corn stalks.